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Romney Promises 4 Percent GDP Growth

On my homepage piece tonight, I look at Mitt Romney’s jobs plan:

Romney announced his jobs plan — an array of specific steps packaged in a 160-page tome entitled “Believe in America” — in a speech in North Las Vegas, at McCandless International Trucks Inc. The end goal of his plan is a restoration of national prosperity by the completion of his first term.


“The entire jobs-and-economic-growth plan will achieve about 4 percent year-over-year GDP growth,” a Romney aide asserts, citing the campaign’s economic models. “This means the economy will create eleven and a half million new private-sector jobs over the course of the governor’s first term as president. We project the unemployment rate to be about 5.9 percent by the end of his first term in office. On the spending side, we spend about $1.6 trillion less than President Obama proposes over the first four years, and over eight years, about $4 trillion less than the president proposes.”

Full piece, with the details about what ten steps Romney would take right after entering office if elected, here.

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