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‘Romney is Right’

My Politico column today is about the absurd media reaction to Romney’s response to the embassy attacks:

When a U.S. Embassy gets stormed by protesters overseas, it’s usually a matter of public concern. It might occasion headlines and commentary. Even debate between presidential candidates.

Unless one of the candidates is President Barack Obama and the other is Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Then, everything changes.

In the immediate aftermath of the deadly attacks on U.S. diplomatic installations in Egypt and Libya, the political debate fastened on the propriety of Romney criticizing the administration for its initial response. You know — important stuff….

The reports from earlier this week about how Obama would use foreign policy as cudgel against Romney had barely faded when the media pack turned around and declared politics must stop at the water’s edge, thank you very much.

The old complaint about Romney was that he didn’t talk about foreign policy. The newly minted complaint about Romney was that he did talk about foreign policy. He gets it coming and going, and everywhere in between.

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