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Romney to Seek Retraction of Outsourcing Story

From Politico:

Mitt Romney campaign representatives will meet with the Washington Post today to seek a formal retraction of its June 21 report that Bain Capital invested in firms that specialized in outsourcing American jobs, POLITICO has learned.

The representatives will meet with executive editor Marcus Brauchli and other senior Post staff at 2 p.m. today at the Post’s offices in Washington.

The group intends to argue that the Post’s allegations against Bain Capital and the firms in question are either incomplete or inaccurate, sources familiar with the meeting say. Specifically, the group will argue that the Post misinterpreted the SEC filings it examined for its report and failed to adequately account for the support these firms gave to U.S. exports or U.S. businesses through foreign hiring. The campaign raised similar objections to the story prior to its publication.

The group has prepared defenses for each firm mentioned in the Post’s article — including Chippac, Corporate Software, GT Bicycle, Modus Media, SMTC Corp., and Stream International — on a case by case basis.

If the Romney camp were lodging the same complaints before the story ran I doubt the Post will have a change of heart and print a retraction now. But I’ve already seen a few folks on Twitter from both sides suggest it’s a dumb move for Romney to attract more attention to the story rather than let it die. I disagree heartily, not only would winning a retraction (an admittedly unlikely outcome) be a big win for Romney, but the Bain attacks aren’t going anywhere, and it does Romney no good to ignore them.


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