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Romney Takes Swipes at Perry, Obama in Foreign Policy Speech


Mitt Romney didn’t mention Rick Perry by name during his speech at the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Convention in San Antonio, Tex., today, but he took made a swipe at “career politicians” that seemed to target Perry.

“I am a conservative businessman,” Romney said. “I have spent most of my life outside of politics, dealing with real problems in the real economy. Career politicians got us into this mess and they simply don’t know how to get us out!”

Romney also stressed the rhetorical differences between him and President Obama on foreign policy.

“While we are not perfect, I will not apologize for America!” Romney said. “Our president has taken a different approach.  Have we ever had a president who was so eager to address the world with an apology on his lips and doubt in his heart?”

He also criticized Obama’s handling of the military action in Libya, remarking that U.S. “involvement in Libya was marked by inadequate clarity of purpose before we began the mission, mission muddle during the operation, and ongoing confusion as to our role in the future.” While he praised the “extraordinary professionalism” of the U.S. military members, he did not credit Obama for bringing about Qaddafi’s fall.

Romney made a pointed criticism of Obama’s withdrawal plan for troops in Afghanistan, saying he didn’t know of “a single military advisor to President Obama who recommended the withdrawal plan the President chose, and that puts the success of our soldiers and our mission at greater risk.”

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