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Romney: ‘Very Disappointed’ in Cheers at GOP Debate

What with all the liberal uproar (Example A: Paul Krugman’s column today) persisting over a couple of cheers at the GOP debate earlier this week in response to a question about letting an uninsured man die, I wanted to note that not only has Rick Perry condemned the cheers — he said he was “taken aback” earlier this week — but also Mitt Romney said yesterday on CNN that he hadn’t been happy to hear those cheers.

“I was very disappointed by that response,” Romney told Wolf Blitzer in an interview last night about the incident. “Look, we’re a people that care very deeply for one another. We respect the sanctity of human life, whether an unborn life or someone in the middle of their life or at the end of their life. And I tried very hard as governor of my state to come up with a plan that would care for people in our state in a thoughtful and compassionate way.”

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