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Romney Wins Maine Caucuses, CPAC

Mitt Romney won the Maine caucuses tonight, with 39 percent of the vote to Ron Paul’s 36 percent. Santorum came in third with 18 percent, while Gingrich finished last at 6 percent. Around 5600 people voted. And while Romney won, it was far closer than last cycle, when he got 52 percent of the vote and beat John McCain by 30 points.

Maine, like Iowa, Colorado, and Minnesota, has unbound delegates.

While the Maine GOP chair Charlie Webster has declared Romney the winner, not every Maine county’s caucus was counted. Due to inclement weather, one county Paul had thought he would do well in did not caucus. According to the AP, those who caucus on later dates will not have their votes counted by the GOP at the state level, meaning that Romney will remain the winner.

“The voters of Maine have sent a clear message that it is past time to send an outsider to the White House, a conservative with a lifetime of experience in the private sector, who can uproot Washington’s culture of taxing and spending and borrowing and endless bureaucracy,” said Romney in a statement.

But the Paul campaign isn’t giving up. “We are confident that we will control the Maine delegation for the convention in August,” said Paul national campaign chairman Jesse Benton in a statement.

Romney’s other win today came at CPAC, where he won the straw poll. Romney was backed by 38 percent of the 3800 who voted there. Santorum placed second (31 percent), followed by Gingrich (15 percent), and Paul (12 percent).

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