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Romney’s Big Chance

I’ve got more than a few e-mails along these lines lately (this one the most energetic among them):

As you were typing your post yesterday, Romney was giving a truly

impressive press conference re: The Big Dig (see link below). He comes

across as very smart and (if you have any knowledge of the history of

The Big Dig and the events of the last week) a damn good leader. He

seized control of the project from the Mass Turnpike Authority late last

week, and on Monday of the following week, he gives a press conference

that not only presents a specific solution to the problem at hand and a

timeline for implementing that solution, but also is replete with

explanations and drawings of the engineering principles at play!!!!

Seriously, he was drawing cross sections of the tunnel’s roof system.

I’ve always liked Romney, but I’ve always thought he’s a bit too

perfect, and for some reason I can’t explain, that turns me off. For

this reason, I never thought he’d be a good presidential nominee.

However, last year I had the privilege of hearing him speak at a Junior

Achievement dinner, and I was very impressed. He doesn’t look so

picture perfect in person, and he has a great, relaxed speaking style

and a good sense of humor. After yesterday’s press conference, I’d

eagerly support his presidential nomination. The press conference

demonstrated both his smarts and his ability to lead. By taking over

The Big Dig, he’s taking a big political risk. What happens to his

presidential aspirations if the fix he proposed yesterday doesn’t work?

As he demonstrated yesterday, clearly (a) Mitt cares more about getting

the problem at hand resolved than his own personal advancement (b) Mitt

possesses a level of smarts way beyond most of us.

Then, as my husband pointed out later yesterday, Mitt took a break to

take his wife to the Red Sox game. He didn’t seek out the press to show

he was there, but you could see him sitting several rows behind home

plate when the camera showed right handed batters at the plate from a

certain angle. Romney 2008!!!!!!

Click on link and then WHDH TV Video, Governor Romney


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