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Romney’s Cuba Gaffe

Here’s the Hotline analysis:

Mitt Romney tries hard to make up for what he lacks. But often, the naturally gifted pol sheds more light on his weaknesses than his strengths.

– Some 24 years after Reagan wooed Cuban Americans with his “Cuba Si, Castro No!” visit to FL, Romney made a decidedly different impression on the key voter bloc, sparking a minor uproar with a big blunder that made him look (incorrectly) like a Castro ally. (The pro-Romney Boston Herald piled on today, running a doctored pic of Romney in Castro garb).

– Supporters insist Romney, a Mormon raised in MI, who spent time in UT and was elected in MA, has good advisers in FL’s complex Cuban-American community, most notably ex-FL GOP Chair Al Cardenas. But that might be part of the problem: Is Romney being overly advised? From his trip to Iraq, to his campaign kickoff in Dearborn, to his weekend speech in Little Havana, the first-time WH hopeful, widely touted as a natural, seems to walk gingerly. Unsure of his footing, he stumbles.

– Are these simply mistakes of the unseasoned? Or do larger challenges loom for the so-called “natural”?




Check out Captain’s Quarters, under the entry Herald Hackery. It appears that reporters played fast and loose with Romney’s actual statement. By “Fast and Loose” I suppose I mean they lied through their teeth about what he really said. 

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