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Romney’s Good Night in Jackson Hole

A good NR friend who was at last night’s Dick Cheney fundraiser for Mitt Romney in Jackson Hole e-mails me this report:

Lots of energy at tonight’s Cheney-Romney event. People were enthusiastic and optimistic. Lots of buzz. Despite the heat no one fainted (of course this wasn’t an Obama ‘08 rally, where people fainted left and right). Probably 350–400 in attendance. Private “intimate” dinner afterwards was initially planned for 40 people who would contribute $30K each; but, wow, over 240 RSVPs came in for that, so the venue was changed to accommodate the much larger but still private dinner for $30K donors. People were not unhappy about this; they were thrilled and energized that so many would come. $3.6 million raised.

Cheney was awesome and much-loved even in this bluish town. Said Romney was not only well qualified, but the best guy to be in the WH during an unforeseen crisis when hard life-or-death decisions must be made.

Romney gave one of his best stump speeches we’ve heard him give. Lots of applause lines. He knows these economic issues so well, and he just lives and breathes entrepreneurialism.

Also, we talked to several people who were excited about Ted Cruz’s Senate race in Texas. Good buzz.


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