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‘Romney’s Race to the Flop’

The Perry campaign releases a video this morning focusing on comments Mitt Romney has made about President Obama’s education program, “Race to the Top”:

UPDATE: “This is just another tall tale from Gov. Perry.  Instead of spending time misrepresenting Gov. Romney’s words, Gov. Perry should take some time to explain why he thinks conservatives who disagree with him on providing in-state tuition to illegal immigrants ‘don’t have a heart,’” e-mailed Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul.

She also passed along the full transcript of Romney’s remarks at the town-hall meeting in the video. The Perry video cuts out right before Romney says, “For me, get that back to the state level.” Full remarks Romney made:

Sometimes there’s a role of the federal government to see who’s doing how well and to communicate that data, whether it’s a Department of Education or some bureau. That’s a valid role. I think, by the way, I know this isn’t popular. I think President Bush was right to insist states test kids. And I think the reason he was right to do that is that it was hard for states to stand up to the national teachers unions. They had so much power. It took something as big as George W. Bush and the federal government to say “you know what? We’re going to insist that kids get tested so we can see which schools are succeeding and which are failing.” And I supported that and continue to support testing at the state level of our kids. But the real answer for me on education is get it back to the states. Get information to the states. Encourage with incentives programs that work like school choice. You know, I think Sec. Duncan has done some good things. He’s the current Secretary of Education. I hope that’s not heresy in the room. He for instance has a program called Race to the Top which encourages schools to have more choice, more testing of kids, more evaluation of teachers. Those are things I think make sense. For me, get that back to the state level.

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