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Romney’s Random Acts of Kindness

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports on what former Romney employee Cindy Gillespie had to say about her former boss at an event in Wisconsin last week:

Gillespie recalled how Romney called her every night, for 10 straight nights, when her father was in a coma after heart surgery.

And she told one more story. The day she moved to Massachusetts, the moving company didn’t get all her furniture inside the house. The governor called and asked her how things were going. She said furniture was still on the driveway.

“I’ll get the boys,” Romney told her.

At 9 p.m., Romney and his sons moved the furniture into the house.

The campaign smartly highlighted some of Romney’s charitable favors over the years at the convention, including his helping a dying boy write a will, but generally, the campaign has been fairly quiet about what appears to be a long history of Romney going out of his way to help others personally. 

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