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Romney’s “Secret Gay History”

Sorry I didn’t take Miller’s wake-up call this morning. Not in December 2006 before nine ayem on a Saturday, man, do I take calls about presidential-contest stories. You know better than that. Way too early.

Romney’s “Secret Gay History ” is how one gay publication puts the fact that he once courted Log Cabin Republicans, for instance. But what’s so secret about it when folks are all talking about it (on the Internet, in Washington coffee shops, in the MSM)?

I understand Tony Perkins’s reaction to the New York Times but Perkins also knows what Romney’s faced in as governor in recent years and how he’s reacted — which is why he felt comfortable, for instance, having Romney as the headliner at a Boston event this fall. While the 1994 letter and the quotes do perk one up, how “shocking” is it really when you consider that gay marriage — what we are talking about today — wasn’t really on the table in 1994? Certainly not like it is now.

I think that this Romney then-vs.-now meme is out (pun intended) and circulating now, is a bit of a gift to his campaign. He will have to address early on next year his evolution and explain why he stands where he does today and make the sale that he believes what he says today — after having faced these hot-button social issues (marriage, culture of life) like few other pols have. I hope he makes that sale, because I do think he believes what he says today and I think he realizes how important it is. But we’ll see if he does.

As I’ve written, the governor’s got a great genuinely humane tone when he speaks on marriage and why it’s important to preserve it as we know it. His position on marriage today comes from the experience of being on the frontline of this issue in Massachusetts. And though, say, the Log Cabin Republicans and Andrew Sullivan aren’t ever going to jump on board Romney 2008, I think he has a real opportunity to bring people together in a way that really gets us somewhere on some tough but crucial issues.

But we’ll see…


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