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Ron Paul: Christie Will ‘Go the Way of McCain and Romney’

Just one day after Chris Christie’s successful reelection bid, Ron Paul already foresees doom for the New Jersey governor’s 2016 aspirations. The former Texas representative saw Christie as another possible candidate from the “mushy middle” similar to the past two Republican presidential nominees who have lost.

“If he wants to go the way of McCain and Romney, I guess he can go ahead and do it,” Paul said on Fox News on Wednesday. “I think it’ll be same old stuff again, wishy-washy stuff — chase [out] all the constitutionalists, limited-government, libertarians.”

As for the presidential prospects of his son, Kentucky senator Rand Paul, the elder Paul saw the recent negative attacks, including plagiarism charges, as a “good sign.” “When they start attacking you, you know you’re having an effect,” he said.


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