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According to Polls, Roy Moore Is Winning

A poll conducted by JMC Analytics finds that Roy Moore is ahead in the Alabama special election by five percentage points. According to the poll, Moore holds a 48–43 lead.

The previous JMC Analytics poll had Democratic candidate Doug Jones up by a margin of 46–42. Based on the change, the group concludes that “partisan preferences have reasserted themselves” and that the “sexual misconduct allegations against Moore have not materially impacted the race.” 29 percent of those surveyed say the allegations make them more likely to vote for Moore, a reminder of the power of partisanship.

Other polls tell a similar story. The RealClearPolitics polling average has Moore up 2 percent, after showing Jones with a slight lead last week. The trend of undecided voters in Alabama switching their vote from Moore to Jones appears to have reversed. The election is set for December 12.


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