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Roy’s Rock

Update on the “Roy’s Rock” controversy down in Mungumruh. This is the

fallout from Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore’s installation of a monument

bearing the Ten Commandments in the Supreme Court building lobby. The whole

thing has now developed into a Thai-boxing match between Moore (currently

suspended for defying a U.S. court order) and state Attorney General Bill

Pryor, who agrees with you, me, and Roy that this separation of church and

state business has gone far beyond what the Framers intended, but who does

not think that high officers of state courts should defy orders from the

federal courts. Well, there was much excitement in Montgomery yesterday

when Moore’s motion to disqualify Pryor was denied by the “Court of the

Judiciary,” which will hear

the misconduct case against Moore. Moore’s lawyers followed up by filing

recusal motions against several members of the “Court of the Judiciary.”

Afterwards, Bill Pryor released a very pointed condemnation of the motion.

For full details and relevant links, see here.


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