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Rubber Match

JPod – I have to say I lean (not embrace, just lean) toward the view that some of “the crass commercialization” of birth control is a bit demeaning to women, or to us all. Maybe we’ve seen different commercials. But I’m thinking of the ones which tell young women that this pill will also clear up their unsightly blemishes. I’m also thinking of those ads for that patch that you can wear for months, and — implied by the ad — display them in provocative places so as to send a signal that you’re good to go. Who needs a Chinese letter tatooed on your lower back when you can flaunt your floozy-patch like tail feathers?

Update: From a reader:

Prediction: This phrasing will haunt your in-mail box for the next three

hours. And then for another three after the lunch crowd tunes in to the

Corner today. I know what you meant. It’s clear from your paragraph what you

meant. But you will have to, at some point in the next two hours, further

iterate the “floozy patch” is a patch which floozies wear, not a patch that

makes you a floozy for wearing it.

I’m already laughing. Have a good day.

And you’re right. But this is just between us guys and in no way on the



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