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Rubber-Sheet Pricing

The editors of that splendid magazine Topology are tying themselves in knots over a controversy about the magazine’s annual (i.e. 6 issues) subscription fees:  “$100 for individuals, $1,665 for institutions,” according to the New York Sun (and thanks to Volokh for the link). 

Note to NR suits:  Have we looked at our institutional subscription fees lately?  I’ve been arguing for years that $25,000 is too low.

[I’d better explain my subject line, for the benefit of math-innocent readers who suspect an allusion to something salacious.  Topology is a branch of geometry, popularly known as “rubber-sheet geometry,” because the properties of figures it concentrates on are unchanged by stretching or squeezing of the figures.  To learn more, buy a copy of Unknown Quantity. Or, if you already have a copy, buy another one.]

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