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Rubio: ‘America Needs To Have A 21st Century Immigration System’

Yesterday, at the University of Louisville, Senator Marco Rubio gave a wide-ranging speech on economics, foreign policy, and various other topics. Rubio, one of the members of the Senate currently pushing for comprehensive immigration reform, called for “a 21st century immigration system” for America, emphasizing the need for “modernizing our legal immigration system” in order to “compete for global talent.”

He used various sports analogies to explain why America should bring the best to its shores — “If tomorrow, your lead recruiter identified a 6´ 9´´ power forward that never missed a 20-foot jumper, you know you’re going to bring him here. If we do that in sports, how are we not going to do that for our economy?” He argued that, similarly, the U.S. should be especially interested in keeping the foreign graduates of its science and engineering programs.

Senator Rubio also proposed the creation of a seasonal-laborer immigration system to discourage illegal immigration. He warned, “If you don’t have a system for those people to come here and work and then return home, they’ll come. But they’ll come illegally, and instead of returning home, they’ll stay.”


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