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Rubio: Immigration Reform Will ‘Never’ Pass in One Comprehensive Bill

Comprehensive immigration reform will “never have the support” to pass, and an alternative approach of passing reform in stages may be a better solution, Senator Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) suggested on Fox News Sunday. While there may be differences on how to address the issues facing immigration, there is consensus in what needs to be address: border security, modernizing the immigration system, and deal with the immigrant in the country illegally.

“We’re not debating what to do — we’re debating how to do it,” Rubio said. “I’m just telling you we will never have the votes necessary to pass in one bill all of those things — it just won’t happen.”

Rubio, who was a member of the “Gang of Eight” who worked on the Senate’s comprehensive immigration reform bill, would not directly say if he was advocating for the new approach to reform, but offered up the reality of such a bill’s chances.

“Our choices are we can either continue to beat our head against a wall and try a process for which we will never have the support, or we can try another way that perhaps we can make progress on,” he said.


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