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Unless I’ve missed something he’s said, this doesn’t sound off: 

RADIO HOST: Let’s get right to it. Right now, our topic, a lot of callers fired up in support of this new law in Arizona. The crackdown on illegal immigration – where do you stand on it?”

MARCO RUBIO: Well, let’s take a deep breath first and realize where we are. This is inevitable that this was going happen somewhere, particularly in Arizona. I was there about two months ago and the people there are – this is not even an immigration issue to them. This is a law enforcement issue.  You’ve got kidnappings and murders and gang violence pouring over the border in an uncontrolled fashion. The bottom line is the Federal government has completely failed to enforce Federal immigration laws, much less make them stronger and more effective. We have a legal immigration system that doesn’t work. And so it is inevitable that eventually some state was going to take action.

“And I’m not going to sit here and criticize a state that’s taken action, in defense of what they’ve done. I will tell you that I don’t think this is the best way to have handled it. I think the best way for this issue to ultimately be handled is for the Federal government to do its job. And the job of the Federal government is to enforce the immigration laws we have, to make sure that to the extent we have to come up with new technologies, whether it’s border security or a fence or fixing the visa program – that the Federal government can handle that. You know, the Federal government is involved in so many things that are none of its business. This is one the things the Federal government should be involved in. And the fact that it has failed to do it in an effective way has led to this. And we certainly can’t have 50 different immigration policies in 50 different states.

“Now here’s my fear: my fear is that the Obama administration is going to use this as an excuse to go forward with some sort of an amnesty bill. I’ve never supported amnesty. I think amnesty would be terrible for America’s future. Quite frankly, I think amnesty is terrible for legal immigration. If you were to grant amnesty, you will never be able to have a legal immigration system that works in America.

“So my hope is that this will serve as a wake-up call to Washington D.C., that the immigration system that we have is broken, that we must figure out a way to stop the growth of illegal immigration in America, and that we’ve got to come up with a legal immigration process that works so that we don’t have to continue to face these kinds of issues that those people in Arizona are facing right now.”

When I hear Janet Napolitano assure us that the borders are secure, I wonder how she could even know given she has to worry about weather conditions and all the other things that fall under the massive mission of the Department of Homeland Security.

Back to Rubio, I think his original statement was premature, as Ramesh has suggested. He reacted to news coverage and not the bill itself. But I don’t think he actually comes out to the Left of John McCain (!), as the current impression is.


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