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Rubio: Nothing in Gates’s Memoir Surprises Me

Florida senator Marco Rubio took the Center Seat on Special Report tonight, talking about the Afghanistan war, former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates’s memoir, and Syria.

On Afghanistan, Rubio said that “the U.S. should try to negotiate a deal where we try to have a presence there,” but, in the end, the Afghan government is responsible for itself. When asked if he thought Gates should have written his memoir, which has been considered critical of the current president, Rubio replied, “I don’t know. I was surprised that the book came out, but nothing in the book surprises me.”

Rubio added that Obama’s foreign policy has largely been a mess. “It hasn’t been driven by a strategic foreign-policy view,” he said, “it’s largely been driven by tactics and politics and that’s not a way to conduct foreign policy.”

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