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Rubio: Obama Guilty of ‘Presidential Malpractice’ on Foreign Policy

President Obama is guilty of “presidential malpractice” when it comes to his policy abroad, says Marco Rubio. “I’m going to say something I don’t say lightly,” the Florida senator told Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer: “I believe this president has committed presidential malpractice in his foreign policy.”

“Exhibit A is what he’s done with the Middle East,” Rubio said.

The president’s belief that the nation’s best interests were served by withdrawing completely from the Middle East have, Rubio said, “led to a series of policy pronouncements and words — whether it’s saying that ISIL was the JV, whether it’s setting red lines that weren’t enforced — all these things have been dramatically counterproductive to our foreign policy, and I think have created some generational and reputational damage to the United States of great significance.”

“Our allies are watching this as well, and they’re concluding that American foreign policy is in the hands of someone who does not know what he’s doing,” Rubio said.


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