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Rubio Skeptical Intervention Would Deter Future Chemical Attacks

“I remain skeptical that the kind of attack that they’re contemplating is going to actually achieve that goal of preventing Assad from using chemical weapons in the future,” Marco Rubio told Fox News this evening after today’s Senator Foreign Relation Committee hearing on authorizing President Obama to strike Syria. 

With doubts about whether the administration has a “clear and achievable goal,” the senator said the United States has “no good options” on how to handle the situation in the Middle Eastern country.

Rubio argued Assad wouldn’t stop using chemical weapons “simply because he’s afraid of two or three days worth of missile strikes,” but he clarified that he didn’t think other efforts would necessarily be more successful. Ultimately, Rubio argued, the United States should have intervened when the conflict first broke out, to better align with the rebel groups and vet them properly.

The senator said he would wait until after Wednesday’s classified briefing to decide whether he would vote in favor of authorizing the president to use force in the region.


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