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An American Pilot, Once upon a Time

Today, I devote my Impromptus to Obama’s upcoming trip to Cuba. Do I say all there is to be said on the subject? No, I’m sure not. But I think I say all I know to say on the subject.

A reader sent me a note with an interesting historical fact: “Did you know that the only fatality of the Cuban Missile Crisis was a native of Greenville, S.C.?” No. “Major Rudolf Anderson was shot down taking pictures.” He was a U-2 pilot. “There’s a memorial to him, featuring a plane, in Greenville’s Cleveland Park. Guy went to the same grammar school as me.”

Our reader links to a C-SPAN piece, in which a Furman history professor, Courtney Tollison, talks about Anderson, and what he and his death meant.

For the Wikipedia entry on Anderson, go here. An extraordinary human being. Hero.


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