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Rudy, Don’t Fail!

Is this a coincidence or what? Flipping channels, I see AMC is airing the 1993 movie Rudy, about the small kid who beats the odds to fulfill his dream of playing football at Notre Dame. It’s an important part of Notre Dame’s self-image as an all-heart kind of place, an institution that stands up against the powerful naysayers and gives the little guy a chance. It’s a good self-image to have, and Notre Dame administrators must be delighted to be seeing it reinforced right about now. But as Notre Dame pats itself on the back for its courage in standing up to right-wing Catholics on the Obama invitation–an issue on which reasonable people can and do disagree–it should ask itself: Just how faithful are we really being to that self-image? Who are the weakest among us, those who could really use our courage and our witness? This is a challenge to Notre Dame, to make the most of the opportunity they now have, as they host the president of the United States.


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