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Rudy on Immigration

From a frequent correspondent:

“When I was in law school at [major law school] in 1996, Giuliani came to speak on immigration.  He was speaking in opposition to whatever Congress was then proposing, but he made one of your favorite points:  We don’t need new immigration laws, we need to enforce the ones we already have.  He related how as Mayor, when prisoners were released from Riker’s Island, his administration would notify the INS of any prisoners who were being released who were illegals.  Then they would bus them into the city to the release point, and never, NEVER, did the INS show up to pick these guys up.  Known criminals, already in custody, and the INS couldn’t be bothered to even send a paddywagon.

“Anyway, since then I’ve always been predisposed to give Rudy the benefit of the doubt on immigration.  I don’t think he will come around completely, but he wouldn’t be nearly as bad as the current administration.”

[Derb]  Hard to see how he could be.  How ANYONE could be–except, to judge from my correspondent’s story, the previous lot.


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