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Rudy Returns to New Hampshire

Rudy Giuliani is returning to New Hampshire, where, in a weak fourth-place finish, he barely beat Ron Paul in 2008:

Giuliani will be the keynote speaker at a fundraiser in Nashua next Friday for the New Hampshire Republican Senate Majority Committee, which helps elect GOPers to the State Senate.

Some former supporters are still “peeved” about what happened during that snowy primary:

Wayne Semprini, the former New Hampshire GOP chairman who was also the former mayor’s 2008 chairman in the state, said many voters remain upset about the outcome of that primary.

“At first what they do is, they blame the mayor for not spending more time in New Hampshire,” said Semprini, insisting the ex-mayor had no choice because he was raising money elsewhere. “I was pretty peeved at his campaign. We needlessly went through all sorts of gyrations that we didn’t (have to).”


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