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Rudy’s “Change” Answer

His Corner-reading campaign dutifully delivers it on a silver platter:

MAYOR GIULIANI: “Well, I guess the first point I wanted to make on what they were talking about is that the kind of change that the Democrats want to bring about is to take the change out of your pocket.

That’s basically — basically, change is either good or bad. And when you just say change, if the change that you’re talking about is raising taxes, if the change that you’re talking about is pulling out of Iraq precipitously, if the change that you’re talking about is socialized medicine, these are definitely changes, but they’re changes in the wrong direction.

So I think people have to focus a little bit more carefully on, what is it that we’re promising? And what are we trying to do? Now, if the change is in the direction of lower taxes, less spending, giving parents choice over education, energy independence, these are things that are going to make a brighter future and a better America. But just the word change doesn’t connote good or bad. You’ve got to get one step beyond that and start looking at the changes.”


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