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Rumor has it…

…that Kathryn will be a happy camper when the GOP V.P. is announced. 

I have expressed, perhaps too many times, my hope that Maverick McCain would pick a younger person who cannot be tarred with the “rich white guy” brush.  A woman would be a real kick, and a vote-getter — and would add sizzle to the mix in the homestretch of the longest campaign in history. A new face would be good. But, as my friend Richard Vigilante (late of NR) reminded me a few minutes ago, “We’re Republicans. Boring is our platform. It will highlight the contrast.”  Thirty years a Republican and I still forget that… I guess it’s dumb to hope that the conservative party will do exciting things. Let’s hope the safe choice, if that’s what’s happening, is, indeed, safe.

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