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So Rumsfeld is under attack for having a piece of the plane that crashed into the Pentagon on display in his office. Blogger Jeff Jarvis says what needs to be said:

“Well, I say he should keep it there. And he should give it to his successor, who should never forget whom we’re fighting and what we’re protecting. And I’ll go farther: Take a piece of debris from the Towers and put it in the lobby of the FBI under a sign that says, “Remember.” Take a piece of the debris and put it in the Office of Homeland Security under a sign that says, “Never again.” Take a piece of that day and put it in the Oval Office and drill it into the wall so every President from now on will remember his or her first and most important job: protecting the people of America. And while we’re at it, why not take a piece and put it in a frame and give it to every congressman and every newspaper editor and every network news head and send one to every delegate in the U.N. with a sign that says, “This is what we are fighting for.””


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