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That Rumsfeld memo

Whenever highly touted intelligence estimates or classified memos are released, I’m shocked at what thin gruel they are. Most of them could be written by any reasonably well-informed observer. That goes for this Rumsfeld memo. It shows where his heart has been for a long time–in favor of getting out, or at least reducing our commitment. (I wrote about that here.) It’s a good lesson in why you should put your faith in principles not in men. It was always weird that so many conservatives stayed so vested in Rumsfeld–mostly because they liked his style and he was attacked by the left–when the policy he preferred was pretty close to that of Murtha: Begin to scale down, so the Iraqis will have an incentive to help themselves. On the merits, needless to say, I think the Rumsfeld proposals to pull back are folly. Chaotic areas of Iraq need more U.S. forces not less.


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