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K-Lo, I urge Corner readers to check that Slate piece, because Allen Barra is a very respected sports stat-cruncher. His opinion on Donovan McNabb’s performance carries weight, even if the sports squabble goes on.

Also, Brent Bozell weighed in yesterday with some quotes that show how liberal sports writers cheer black athletes, such as:

Last January 8, New York Times columnist Selena Roberts did precisely that: “Didn’t Michael Vick decode the Falcons’ system ahead of the normal curve? Didn’t Donovan McNabb prove he would decipher defenses from the Eagles’ pocket after he broke a spoke on his ankle? Hasn’t Steve McNair managed to outsmart defenders despite missing Titans practices because of pain? As the playoffs have revealed, there’s progress, but so little change. There are proven black quarterbacks and coaches, but race relations are running a reverse in the NFL.”

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