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“Rush Limbaugh Has Rights Too”

Rush’s lawyer, Roy Black, in the Journal, on the seemingly blatantly unjust pursuit of the radio talk-show host in Palm Beach County. Here’s some of it:

Over the past six months, Palm Beach County State Attorney Barry Krischer has: raided drugstores near Rush’s home; seized his medical records without going through the required process enacted by the Florida legislature to protect medical privacy; leaked false information to the media that he was about to plead guilty to a felony; threatened to make his medical records public unless he pled guilty to a felony he didn’t commit; released to the media confidential letters regarding Rush’s situation that he received from my office; and falsely claimed that the Florida Bar and attorney general’s office approved of the release.

Normally, people with drug dependencies who acknowledge their problems and seek treatment are lauded for their courage, not prosecuted. So am I wrong to wonder if something is out of whack when the Palm Beach County State Attorney pulls out all the stops in an effort to nail Rush, while giving immunity to the traffickers who supposedly kept him supplied with painkillers, and who, as a result of a deal with the prosecutor, were able to make a six-figure killing selling their “story” to a tabloid?


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