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Thank You Rush

Seems like our friend and America’s premier conservative voice has never done a local event in his home town of Palm Beach. But on Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh ventured not too far from the EIB studio in order to join National Review Institute for the kick-off event (one of many NRI is hosting across the country this winter and early spring) to celebrate the legacy of Bill Buckley, whose death happened ten years ago this month.

On hand — before the intimate sold-out venue of 100 Florida conservatives (with maybe an out-of-state ringer or two) — were Andy McCarthy (who joined Rush for a conversation on free speech and plenty more, poorly captured by Photographer Yours Truly), John O’Sullivan, Rich Lowry, and Neal Freeman. It was a big success. It would be an understatement to say that El Rushbo (WFB was a huge fan and friend) knocked it out of the park, and that he had a grand time knocking it. He talked about his appearance on his show yesterday.

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