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An e-mail: “The Dems must be having a good laugh about our arguing over Rush vs. Steele while they try to enact… [their] agenda.  Let’s stop.”

I tend to agree. Sure we should be arguing about tone and always having internal debates, as we always do here. But in this Rush controversy, I can’t help but to think that we’re not only distracting ourselves but playing into the other team’s hands. We’re sitting around debating whether or not having Rush Limbaugh as the leader of the conservative movement or the Republican party or whatever CNN tells me today is the case is a good thing. How about just making sure the whole team is at work–parsing and pushing back against excesses and outrages in the Obama-Pelosi-Reid budget, etc., instead of throwing arrows at an effective member of the team, who plays a wildly successful role? Let Rush do his job. Are we all doing ours? Your role may be teaching your children well or working for your congressman. Whatever it is, good luck for a good day!


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