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Russia Agrees to Shut Down Weapons Reactor, Again

ABC News’s Jake Tapper reports on one of the feel-good agreements to come out of the nuclear summit in Washington:

Russian President Dmitri Medvedev announced today that Russia would shut down its final plutonium reactor, the ADE-2 reactor that has producing weapons-grade plutonium for nearly 52 years in Zheleznogorsk, a once-secret city in Siberia.

But, as Tapper notes, this ain’t news. The U.S. and Russia had already agreed that the reactor would shut down by 2010, when a new (U.S.-financed!) replacement reactor was scheduled to come online. But this didn’t stop President Obama from calling this non-turn of events a “significant announcement” and “an important step forward” that “continues to demonstrate Russia’s leadership on nuclear security issues, and will add momentum to our shared global effort.”


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