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Krauthammer’s Take: Russians Disproved Obama’s Mantra That ‘You Can’t Win a Civil War Militarily’

Charles Krauthammer noted that cease-fire talks regarding Syria have excluded the U.S., and Russia’s victory has disproven the Obama administration’s contention that the military is not decisive:

Continuing story of Russians showing their contempt for the Obama administration — we are not even invited to the talks that will be in Kazakhstan. In the past when there was a dispute in the Middle East, the conferences were held in Washington or under the auspices of the U.S. We aren’t even there.

Look, the most important thing here is that this cease-fire, to the extent that it holds, is not a result of clever diplomacy. It’s what the Romans called “the peace of the grave.” The rebels were dealt such a huge defeat in Aleppo, they are in no position to carry on the fight in the same way as before. This is a Russian victory. The mantra out of this administration always was, “You can’t solve a civil war militarily.” The answer is, you can.

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