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Russian Children

[Following on from my last post.] Whatever you think of Russia and her

prospects, none of that is any fault of Russian children. I spent a day

recently partying with some old friends, Americans of Russian descent.

Several of them are involved with the NYC-based Russian Children’s Welfare

Society Of course, they have been trying to

help the child victims of the terrorist atrocity in Beslan. Many of these

children are badly burned. Others suffer from bullet wounds, crush wounds,

and psychological trauma.

I know these people well, and have previously attended some of the Society’s

functions (though I have no formal affiliation with it). The RCWS is a

well-run charity with minimal overheads. They get help directly to the kids

who need it, interacting as little as possible with middle-men (such

interactions in Russia being… expensive). If you are looking to make

charitable donations any time soon, I respectfully suggest the RCWS as a

very worthy cause, especially after the Beslan horror.


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