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Ryan: House Going to Do Immigration Reform ‘Our Own Way’

Rep. Paul Ryan stated that the House of Representatives will not simply “take up” the Senate immigration bill, even though the recent amendments “brought the Senate bill closer to the House’s position.”

Interviewed on Hannity Wednesday evening, Ryan emphasized that the House is going to do immigration reform “our own way, on our own time,” making border security the “top priority.”

The House plans to offer “probationary status” to illegal immigrants for five years and will only consider legalization once the border is secure, Ryan explained. This approach by the lower chamber aims to “make sure that people who didn’t do things the right way make amends with the law” and that Congress, not the executive branch, will determine when the border is secure.

Ryan admitted that he was “suspicious” of reforms because immigration legislation has failed in the past. He believes that “among the best ways to secure the border” is to allow economic immigrants to enter the country ”through the front gate with a guest worker card.” Ryan referred to this as the “wide gate, high fence approach.” “You have to have a workable legal immigration system” so that people can come here legally, the Wisconsin congressmen said.

“We want immigration reform that works for our country, that works for national security, and is good for our economy,” he told Hannity.

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