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Ryan: Obama Trying to Burn Heretics, Not Win Converts

“I’ve been in politics long enough to know that if you throw your weight around” like the Obama administration has, Paul Ryan said at CPAC this morning, “you’ll get thrown out of office.”

The White House’s behavior, he said, is “just not how a majority acts. A majority party welcomes debate. It brings people in. It doesn’t burn heretics. It wins converts.”

An apt example he offered was the Health and Human Services Department’s attempt to force the Little Sisters of the Poor, an order of Catholic nuns, to cover contraception for their employees, which they argue violates their consciences.

“I don’t think that’s going to work,” Ryan said, “because they’re going to overreach.”

The president’s budget, released on Tuesday, Ryan said amounted to “doubling down” and “going even further to the left” (it would increase spending and taxes above projected levels by hundreds of billions of dollars over the next ten years).

Patrick Brennan was a senior communications official at the Department of Health and Human Services during the Trump administration and is former opinion editor of National Review Online.


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