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Ryan Rejects Obama’s ‘Class Warfare’

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) told Fox News Sunday this morning that he’s frustrated with President Obama for stirring “class warfare” and pushing “rotten” economic policies. “Class warfare, Chris, may make for really good politics but it makes for rotten economics,” he said. “We don’t need a system that seeks to divide people. We don’t need a system that seeks to prey on people’s fear, envy and anxiety. We need a system that creates jobs and innovation, and removes the barriers for entrepreneurs to go out and rehire people.”

Commenting on the so-called “millionare’s tax,” Ryan voiced his opposition to Obama. “I’m afraid these kinds of tax increases don’t work,” he said. “Look, if you tax something more, Chris, you get less. If you tax job creators more, you get less job creation. If you tax investment more, you get less investment.”


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