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I was fortunate enough to attend a reasonably small gathering at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills last night to meet Governor Romney and hear him speak.  First impressions — his charm is immediately evident.  He’s very energetic and connects to the audience naturally and comfortably.  He’s funnier than I expected (though he opened with a crowd-pleasing joke that might well be from the Vaudeville era) and clearly a very, very smart man.  His sell last night was equal parts CEO-President and Reaganesque rugged-leader-in-troubled-times.  Someone asked him about Reagan, and he responded that he reads a lot of history, including the recent Teddy Roosevelt bio-volumes.  The Governor practically gushed — “What a guy!  What a guy!”  And then he went on of course to call Reagan one of his heroes.  There was nary a mention of any values-voter type questions, which is not surprising given the locale.  I have to say I was pretty taken with the guy, though I confess to still being largely undecided about an ‘08 candidate.

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