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Saddam, WMD’s, and Terror

Regarding my most recent column, several commenters are asking for my sources on Saddam’s WMD plans and links to terror.

All of the WMD information comes from the Duelfer Commission Report — particularly the second and third volumes. The report can be found here.

The Left said this document proved there were no WMDs — of course, they only read the executive summary. The commission was put together to look into what went wrong with prewar intelligence, and that is what they reported out on. However, in the two volumes no one bothered to read, the commission members detail all of the stuff that was actually present. You have to read almost to the end of volume three to learn about the real bio-warfare labs.

As for Saddam’s links to terror, here is a short version of a report I co-wrote. All of the information in volume one of the report comes from captured Iraqi documents. There are four succeeding volumes in which all of the documents used are reproduced in the original Arabic and in translation.


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