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Saddam’s Statement

“Let’s go and do Jihad!” This was the statement read by Iraq’s Information Minister in Saddam’s place. The speech also included many demands to “kill them!” Kill them here, kill them there. etc. Supposedly Saddam wrote the speech out himself but couldn’t make it to the studio for taping (maybe his favorite episode of “Designing Women” was on Lifetime).

Regardless, I know I’m not a savvy military strategist or expert in these issues, but when I put myself in the place of the average Iraqi, this speech seems a bit light on the motivation front. If I was ill-equipped, hungry and tired while getting the stuffing pounded out of me by enemy A-10s and Longbow attack helicopters, hearing a speach from Ari Fleischer or Karl Rove in George Bush’s place wouldn’t exactly put steel in my spine.

You ‘do Jihad,’ Karl, I’m gonna go get me one of those Snickers bars the 10th infantry is handing out.


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