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Saint Britney of The Church of Self-Indulgence

Britney Spears talked to Diane Sawyer last night regarding a ode to sexual self-gratification on her new album: “I have one song, it’s called ‘Touch of My Hand,’ that’s talking about you with yourself, which is a little much. But, it’s a reality that we have…Yes, I can relate to that song. And like, we all can, you’d be lying if you said you couldn’t, but there is a, I mean, it’s not something you openly talk about with a lot of people, it’s something sacred; and it’s something I wanted to write about, so.”

Diane: “Sacred?”

Britney: “No, the song, ‘Touch of My Hand’ talking about indulging in yourself.”

Diane: “And that’s sacred?”

Britney: “It is sacred to me, but in a way, explaining, um, okay, I’m confusing myself right now.”

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