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A Salute to NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly

The Center for Security Policy, under Frank Gaffney’s steady leadership, held its annual boffo presentation of the Mightier Pen Award yesterday, with Roger Ailes as the honoree. I’m honored to be a prior recipient of the award. But I was even more honored when Frank asked if I’d say a few words about Ray Kelly, the Big Apple’s legendary police commissioner who is currently the target of a relentless media campaign by Islamist organizations, along with their lapdogs in the media and in government.

At Big Peace, the CSP’s David Reboi has a post that includes video of my tribute to the Commish.

And because we’re always asking why the only Muslims we ever seem to hear from are the Islamists, it’s worth noting, as Dave does, that next Monday at NYPD headquarters, Zuhdi Jasser’s American Islamic Forum for Democracy and the American Islamic Leadership Coalition will head up a demonstration in support of Ray, and of Rep. Pete King (who has pursued investigations of Islamic radicalism despite an aggressive Islamist campaign). Details on that here.


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