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Salzburg, Singers, and Golf, Part II

Matthew Polenzani (American tenor) has been on the golf course here pretty much every day. When off the links, he’s singing in Don Giovanni (wretched production, I’m sorry to say). We did a public interview of him, too. And we were talking about the late Luciano Pavarotti, who was extraordinary in pretty much every way. For example, he sang lyrically, but he also sang with great power – seldom (probably never) has there been such a combination of lyricism and volume.


“How’d he do that?” I asked Polenzani. Ultimately, he said, “I don’t really know. If I did, I’d be doing it myself, trust me.”


This reminded me – as I told him and the audience – of my favorite piece of golf commentary, all time. Nicklaus was at Augusta, on the 16th tee, I believe. Tom Weiskopf – who had finished his round – was in the booth. Pat Summerall, I believe, asked him, “What’s going through Jack’s mind right now?” Weiskopf said, “I have no idea. If I did, maybe I would have won this tournament a time or two.”


I adored that answer – and so, when he heard it, did Matt.


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