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Same as It Ever Was?

President Obama — well he has the beautiful house, and he has the beautiful wife, so he asks himself, “How do I work this?”

Seemingly ready to draw from the 1995 Clinton playbook, apparently the administration has rewarded big-dollar fundraisers with fun times at the White House. Which is no more dignified this time around.

Sometimes, the green-eyeshade contentions of campaign and ethics geeks (like me) have to give way. This is cheap and demeaning. Sufficient reason not to do it.

(Apologies to David Byrne and the Talking Heads, and a H/T to Rick Hasen who used the title above in a listserv posting earlier this morning).

 – Allison Hayward is a law professor at George Mason University’s School of Law.

Allison R. Hayward — Nina Owcharenko is a senior policy analyst for health care at the Heritage Foundation's Center for Health Policy Studies.