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The Sanctions

I’m watching Ted Koppel being led on a tour of a couple of Saddam’s vast Baghdad palaces. One of them had a swimming pool on the third floor, reachable only by elevator. Another had a room used for storage by Uday, Saddam’s younger son; they found cases and cases of expensive Lladro figurines, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars at least. There was an enormous, well-stocked bar for Uday’s parties. Such good Muslims, those Husseins. Looking at such grotesque luxury, one is reminded of all the do-gooders who bashed America for observing UN economic sanctions on Iraq. It was America’s fault that the Iraqi people suffered hunger and privation, you see. The people who argued that line for these past few years ought to be ashamed of themselves. They won’t be. I’m already reading hysterical epistles from the unpatriotic Right, wailing and gnashing its teeth over their country’s victory over Baathist tyranny.


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