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Sanders: GOP Using Syria to Cut Head Start, Meals on Wheels

Senator Bernie Sanders and MSNBC’s Ed Schultz saw through what they thought may be a Republican attempt to cut entitlements by supporting United States military intervention in Syria. Both liberals expressed a sudden concern over public spending.

“Who’s going to pay for all of this stuff?” Schultz asked the Vermont senator. “Can you trust the Republicans that they’re not going to come and say ‘Gosh, we spent a bunch of money on Syria, we have to have offsets’?”

Sanders told Schultz he had similar concerns, especially since Republican lawmakers have expressed opposition to further tax hikes. “What may well be happening is the cost of this war is more kids being thrown off Head Start, senior citizens being thrown off Meals on Wheels programs, educational programs being cut,” he said.

“The Republicans would go in that way to pay for this war,” Sanders added.

In this afternoon’s Senate Foreign Relations Committee vote on the resolution to authorize military action, seven Democrats voted for it compared with three Republicans. Meanwhile, five Republicans voted against it compared with two Democrats. Massachusetts Democrat Ed Markey voted “present.”


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